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Improbable is an innovative games technology company based in the UK.

We make SpatialOS – a platform that empowers developers to build, run and operate previously impossible online games.

We provide better ways to make multiplayer games, and help multiplayer developers meet any challenge.

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Outsource an entire dev team or get help with a specific problem, from engineering and art to game design and production.

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Get more than just game servers: a complete managed hosting service, including hybrid cloud orchestration, 24/7 monitoring, DDoS protection and more.

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Use our managed networking stack for real-time multiplayer games: create multiplayer games that push the boundaries of what game engines can do.

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Groundbreaking gameplay enabled by Improbable technology

The first game from Improbable’s in-house game studios, Scavengers is a multiplayer online shooter splicing elements of PvPvE and survival. It uses Improbable’s technology to create multi-team battlegrounds teeming with AI.

Improbable Game Studios

Managed networking for real-time multiplayer

SpatialOS is a managed networking stack, designed for real-time multiplayer games that push the boundaries of what can be achieved with traditional game engines and networking solutions. 

We provide integrations with Unreal and Unity that enable you to access the benefits of SpatialOS while keeping workflows you are familiar with, as well as SDKs for integrating with any game engine.

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